Today is Wednesday

today is my official day working for the year 2011. The reason.. dont ask la….

so as usual on Wednesday I don my alma matter tie… yup i’m a MCOBA-ian and proud of it although i was there only for 2 years… 2 meaningful years that change me a lot…
Hari Rabu

Oooo yeah.. last week on Monday.. one my batch-mate passed away at 32 years old… heart failure cause by hypertension… at such a young age, its a bit shocking for me. I still remember him since my days in BBBS… yes he is in the same boat with me and another friend of mine.. 3 years in BBBS and 2 years in MCKK… his smile, jokes and even his “selamba” attitude makes me smile….. Al-Fatihah to brother EKHWAN HASSAN….

Hmmm now im in the office waiting for a meeting. I was released from an assignemnt with a sewerage company since there is a danger in conflict of interest (the company doesnt want to release any info to me actually)….. hmm going to miss a re-org exercise this time… have fun team

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