Why do you work there?

Nowadays people are asking me the same question…

Why do you work there although you can potentially get higher pay elsewhere?

My answer is simple

  • I work when i have work and i don’t work when i don’t have work… no need to pretend that i work hard to suck up the boss
  • A total Islamic company without any hanky panky (Insyaallah rezeki halal)
  • A small company with a total of 10 staff. So feel more like a family
  • Flexible hours
  • If the company succeed, I will eventually succeed. If the company fail, i will also fail. Shared responsibilities concept
  • I learn new things every single day
  • Less office politics
  • … and finally the experienced of helping other organisation excel..

If people ask me how long would your stay? My answer is simple, as long that i think that i can contribute to the company or the company does not want me anymore

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