Food in Kelantan Part 1

For the past 3 to months, I’ve been travelling a lot to Kelantan for an assignment. As we all know, Kelantan is a state which is famous for their food. Every time i travel there for a few nights i will at least increase a kg or so. So this is some of the food that i ate there

Ikan bakar + Pulut
Makanan Di Kelantan

Nasi Kerabu
Makanan Di Kelantan

Maggi Ketam
Makanan Di Kelantan

Nasi Ulam Cikgu
Makanan Di Kelantan

Makanan Di Kelantan

Nasi Berlauk Itik
Makanan Di Kelantan

Tom Yam
Makanan Di Kelantan

Laksa Kelantan
Makanan Di Kelantan

Hmm… this is the first part… yummy right.. i will share more in the second part…

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