How do i progress so far….

1. Play below handicap 15 by end 2012 ( not manage to do it in 2011)

2. Golf maximum once a week only
3. Buy new iron set
4. Bring edy to play in a golf course
5. Enter 5 golf tournament in 2012
6. Read at least 20 work related books in 2012
7. Mengaji in ramadhan for 15 juzuk (manage only 10 in 2011)
8. To save at least RM 10000 by end 2012
9. Run in a running event
10. Gym or exercise (besides golf) at least once a week
11. Bring my family for 2 holidays outside kl
12. Move to new house
13. Making sure edy return to ideal weight by end 2012
14. 15 blog post per month
15. Maintain my weight below 70kg at end 2012
16. Have side income job/opportunities besides my current job
17. Start taking pictures with dslr again
18. Start buying gold for investment
19. Become a project leader in at least one consulting assignment
20. Be more active with MCOBA clan
21. Buy a new car by end 2012
22. Maximum of 20 days of leave / “Ponteng” from work in 2012
23. Get my passport chop in other country at least once
24. Revitalize sambal belimbing hitam business
25. Go and support Harimau Malaya in stadium for at least 3 times
26. A proper family picture session by professional photographer with my wife and the boys
27. Bringing in projects for my company with the value of 20 times of my salary
28. Try harder to grow back my hair
29. Send my CV to top consultancy firms in Malaysia for market testing
30. Buy something for wifey birthday (usually give money and let her choose her own)
31. Start to learn how to cook
32. Reach 7500 tweet by end 2012
33. To be a better person in term of controlling temper and be more mature
34. To at least fulfill 80% of the above resolutions….

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