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Too busy to blog

A lot of assignments and projects… Another readon i cant blog Advertisements

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Hmmm… Finish one account


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How do i look nowadays?

OK here is my latest picture. Bald but still not too fat 🙂 Both Picture Taken using Sony A700 + 50mm Macro 2.8 P/S: Hensem tak? Hahahahhaha

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34 Resolution for 2012

Year of the dragon is here… and now this is the 34 (since that my age for 2012) resolution that i hope i will achieve: 1. Play below handicap 15 by end 2012 ( not manage to do it in … Continue reading

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The power of branding

I still remember my first time seeing a shop that sells everything at a fixed price.. It was a shop in mecca selling everything for 10 riyal… Than i saw a few shops in malaysia doing it but the shops … Continue reading

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Why do you work there?

Nowadays people are asking me the same question… Why do you work there although you can potentially get higher pay elsewhere? My answer is simple I work when i have work and i don’t work when i don’t have work… … Continue reading

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Pening Kepala

Hmm.. entah la.. senjak dua menjak ni.. aku nya kesabaran tak menentu la… cepat sangat naik angin… Aku tak tau la macamana aku nak atasi nya.. hampir setiap hari aku kena attack dengan pelbagai2 cara indirect or direct… kalau direct … Continue reading

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