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Year 2011

2010 has been the most stressful year in my life… its not about work that bugger me but the stress of personal matters… a lot of things happen this year that really pushed me to the limit… the only good … Continue reading

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Beware for golfers

In Malaysia, you can get shot by playing golf… so beware especially those who have Tiger Wood “DRIVE”….. and yesss… i’m addicted again to golf….

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New challenges

Those who knows me very well, knows that I always like to try something new.. so at the end of 2009, I’ve tried something new… Facial Hair treatment So to complete what I called METROSEXUAL challenge .. I will try … Continue reading

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True meaning of 1Malaysia

How I wish every issue been address this way…..

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Coming Back…

Yess… After a lot of thinking… maybe i’m coming back  … TUNGGGGGUUUUUUU P/s: Elizabeth Wong????? Oh my god!!!!! Please!!!!!

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Hereby…. I declare that i’m not fit to write this blog for a few months… I have to projects for malaysian coridor going on at the same time…. I will only write when i travel for work….. SEKIAN TERIMA KASIH… … Continue reading

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Malaysian Football

Yeaaa.. As almost all of you know that I’m a hardcore soccer fan especially when it comes to Manchester united and Malaysian football team. As Manchester United is having up and down season, I am pretty disappointed with our national … Continue reading

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