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Food in Kelantan Part 1

For the past 3 to months, I’ve been travelling a lot to Kelantan for an assignment. As we all know, Kelantan is a state which is famous for their food. Every time i travel there for a few nights i … Continue reading

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Family outing on wesak holiday

It has been almost a month since i last went out with the boys.. So i decided to take them for lunch at marche.. A place i have not been for more than a year.. Too lazy to take photos … Continue reading

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Pengalaman Membuat Lemang

Raya tahun ni bukan turn aku membuat lemang… (last year kena buat sorang2).. so berbekalkan lens 50mm macro… aku shoot gambar2 cara membuat lemang Kelapa sebagai antara bahan utama Memarut kelapa Hasil parutan Kelapa diperah untuk mendapatkan santan Santan yang … Continue reading

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Holiday: Bali 2009 Day 1

I’ve been dreaming of going to Bali since the day of the bombing… it makes me wonders, what is so special about that place that can attract so many tourist… So one day, my wife called me…”hey.. lets go to … Continue reading

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Family Outing 29 March 2009

What is family outing? For us normally, family outing is a routine of going to shopping complex and looking at my wife shops (i only shop tice a year) than we eat. Yes, for the past few years that’s the … Continue reading

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Working Trip In Kuantan

I was off to kuantan for 3 days from 16/12 to the 18/12. It was a working trip to survey things for a corridor project. I cant mention what is the job and i didn’t know that i can show … Continue reading

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29-11-2008 – The day i’ll celebrate every year…

Its 11.45 pm on 28/11/2008, edy is having his regular drink before going to his zzzzz land… suddenly a knock on the wooden door make him open his eyes widely….. “who is it?” TARAAAA….. Happy birthday MAMA!!! Actually it was … Continue reading

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