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Why do you work there?

Nowadays people are asking me the same question… Why do you work there although you can potentially get higher pay elsewhere? My answer is simple I work when i have work and i don’t work when i don’t have work… … Continue reading

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I’ve shot pictures for Miss World Malaysia 2010

My daily routine after i woke up is to look into my twitter and facebook for latest update… today i find one interesting post from a friend…. 哦?Nadia Heng是2010 Miss World Malaysia? 哈哈~~很荣幸两年前曾经为她拍过靓女照!:D what Nadia heng.. familiar laaaa…. o yeahhh … Continue reading

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Pening Kepala

Hmm.. entah la.. senjak dua menjak ni.. aku nya kesabaran tak menentu la… cepat sangat naik angin… Aku tak tau la macamana aku nak atasi nya.. hampir setiap hari aku kena attack dengan pelbagai2 cara indirect or direct… kalau direct … Continue reading

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Golf – I don’t enjoy it as much now…..

Yuppp… its sound not me… but thats how i felt now… did not enjoy my golf nowdays… scoring keep reaching 100 consistently… Its not because i’ve change my shaft (thanks to my friend)… its actually my whole swing… the body movement … Continue reading

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Today is Wednesday

today is my official day working for the year 2011. The reason.. dont ask la…. so as usual on Wednesday I don my alma matter tie… yup i’m a MCOBA-ian and proud of it although i was there only for … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!!!

Just to wish my buddy… Happy 9th Birthday…… Been a good servent for me, family and friend for all this years… All the 252816 km we ve gone thru together… priceless

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A hectic sunday

Hallo 2nd day of the year…. Its been a hack of a day for me.. Normally sunday is the day i play golf… But today i decided to spend my time with my family… As usual my sunday routine begins … Continue reading

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Year 2011

2010 has been the most stressful year in my life… its not about work that bugger me but the stress of personal matters… a lot of things happen this year that really pushed me to the limit… the only good … Continue reading

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